Reasons why lawyers offer free consultations

There is nothing like free consultation from lawyers. Actually legal advises cost highly. Lawyers specialize in different fields and hence every lawyer charges different amounts. But, often a lot of cases do not qualify for legal assistance. If you pay for the visit and come to know that it can solved without any legal step, then you feel that you money has been wasted. So, it is better to go for lawyers who would offer you with consultations for free.
Why I offer free consultations?

It is often important to understand whether a person has a case and if so, then against whom? If you find out that a woman wants you to fight your case against her ex-husband and the ex-husband has also appointed you for the same case, then it will be a problem and I will have to make a difficult choice. Through consultations I will get to know about any conflict that exists between my existing client and prospective client.

A social responsibility

It is a social responsibility of a lawyer to help out people with legal help, if the person is unable to pay. So, those people who are unable to purchase legal aid for they will receive help through free consultations.

Important things to discuss in free-consultation

If you have managed to fix an appointment with your lawyer who has agreed for a free consultation, then you have a lot of preparations to do before-hand. It often happened with me that I came out of the lawyer’s chamber and remembered a few important things that I should have asked him. But, surely, he wouldn’t give me another free consultation. So, I decided to prepare well before I appeared so that I can make the most of my 30 minutes.

Don’t shy away from discussing costs

You must be perfectly prepared to discuss the fees of the lawyer in your free consultation. Surely, he will be ready with it and if you have not thought about it, then you will be causing yourself embarrassment. You can also go into bargaining and see that the fee charged by him is within your budget. Also, get a written copy of the agreement, so that will know what costs what.

Ask all the questions in one appointment

If you feel you have a lot of legal question, which can crop up later on, then make a list of those questions and ask your lawyer in the 30 minutes you have secured.

Acquiring free advice from lawyers

Free legal consultations are very helpful as they give you complete idea whether or not a lawyer will be able to justify your case. Attracted by the idea that I don’t need to pay anything for these consultation sessions, I have attended a lot of such free consultations. I must say that they can be really helpful, if you are intending to go with complete preparation. Planning the necessary legal actions is what these sessions comprise of. Every type of questions will be answered during these sessions.

Free evaluation of the case

The reason why lawyers provide free consultation services is advertisement. Competition if everywhere and in such a competitive market, one must try new trends in order to attract clients. Lawyers know that people desire for free consultation and thus, they offer this facility to attract clients and advertise about their capabilities to help them with legal aid.

How can you reach a free-consultation lawyer?

Not all lawyers offer free consultation and therefore you need to know about independent lawyers or firms that offer free consultation services. There are several yellow pages over the internet which can give the contact information of law firms that offer free advice to clients.

How can free consultation help lawyers?

Often we lawyers are a bit skeptical about providing free consultation session to our prospective clients. The main reason is wasting time and energy on people, and not being paid in return. I too was doubtful about wasting my time on people who would probably be considering other options along with me. Again at the end of one hour of rigorous consultation, if they go for a different option, then it will cause me only disappoint. But, after discussions with a few of my colleagues I understood that free consultation have greater benefits than disadvantages.

Easy advertisement

You can convince a client by showing your past records and being truthful about his case. If he likes your behavior and approach, he is sure to come back. Moreover, people are most likely to use the mechanism of word-of-mouth. If they like your work they will surely refer your name to people and this way your client base is sure to increase. It is also the social duty of lawyers to provide people with free consultations and legal advice, who are unable to pay. Thus, in this way he will emerge as a responsible citizen in his own eyes.

Advertisement for free

Electronic media has evolved very much and you can surely advice about yourself through radios, televisions and the internet. But, those lawyers who have just opened their single practice are always not in a good financial condition to maintain such monthly expenses. Through free consultations, they can easy advertise about themselves without spending money everything. All they need to do is offer legal advice for half-an-hour or for one-hour and get his work done. If you are completely new in practice, then you can chose to go for reduced hourly-rates than completely free consultations. This will reduce the sense of loss.

Making the most of your 30 second free consultation

Free consultations with lawyers are highly beneficial, as you can acquire legal advice about an important matter without having to pay anything. I also go for lawyers who are willing to offer free consultations so that I can make the most of the time. But, most lawyers do not offer more than 30 minutes for free consultation. So, I always try to do some beforehand preparation so that I can make the best possible use of those 30 minutes. Here are a few tips which I would like to offer.

Try to be as organized as possible

You should always remember of carry as the important documents which will be crucial in your discussions. Also, make copies of these documents so that your lawyer can keep them for his use later on. Also, try to carry a note pad and pen, so that you can take notes while he gives his suggestions. He will be able to give you important suggestions which help you to move ahead with the case and make decisions on your own.

Honesty and etiquette

If you want the lawyer to help you then you should be present in your bets manners and etiquette. Try to dress well and look professional, so that the lawyer knows that you have come for a serious discussion. Also, try to be as honest as possible. The more honest you are, the easier will it be to understand your and give you suitable suggestions for your next legal step, Thus, you will be able to make the best possible use of your 30 minutes. Do not hide important matters which can be of primary importance in solving your problem. If you have to discuss some sensitive issues about your family see to it that there is no one else in the room.

Why go for free consultations with lawyers?

We all love to acquire facilities for free. Especially if it is free consultation from lawyers then we are doubly interested. I always wanted to get a lawyer who would thoroughly understand by job related legal problems and would be able to guide me thoroughly. But, the fear of meeting 4-5 lawyers and expending money every time would scare me. Then I heard that a lot of lawyers were ready to provide free consultations so that people can discuss their problems and decide whether they require legal help or not.

How helpful is free consultation?

Through free consultation we can get an estimate of the costs that we will have to incur through the case. Also, we will be in a position to gather the thought process and perspective of a lawyer and what he thinks about the case. Go to San Diego DUI Lawyer in order to understand the benefits of free consultation.

Accessing the comfort level

According to San Diego Attorney, it is very important to understand whether you are comfortable enough to share your case with your lawyer. Often we may not like the behavior, manners or approach of a lawyer. If we can figure it out in the first meet, we will then not require sharing our case with him. A lot of lawyers pay heed to their communication skills so that clients can feel at ease while discussing cases with them. If you feel that the lawyer is able to amicably handle you and gives importance to your feelings, then it will be easier for you to make your decision regarding the type of lawyer. Thus, free consultations are a great thing and San Diego Personal Injury Attorney says the same. But do not get swayed by a lawyer who makes high claims about himself to attract clients. They are of no use.